New Posting On Audible

August 23, 2016 —

The audiobook for “God From Primitive Times To Monotheism” is now up on and ITunes. A crash course to narrate — loved the immense knowledge and rich insight Jaime Maristany shared here. The basics:

Mankind’s search for God is as old as humankind itself. In this remarkable book by renowned writer Jaime Maristany, learn the history of the main western religions, and how the interaction between man and god shifted over time.

Maristany, a foremost expert on religion, takes the reader on a fascinating journey across time, in order to understand the historical landscape and how the peoples from biblical times to the present interacted with God. Starting in Egypt and Greece, you will understand how religions started, grew, and changed over time. Finally you will understand the context in which Christianity, Islam, and Judaism flourished.
Hope you enjoy getting many of your questions answered during this listen.

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