New Donna Meredith Thriller on Audible

September 16, 2016 —

Thrilled that the audiobook of “Fraccidental Death: An Eco-Thriller” is now available for sale on and ITunes. Narrating this was pure joy and plenty challenging. Here’s the gist of the story:

What if it’s not safe to turn on the tap? When grad student Summer Cassidy arrives in West Virginia to test water quality near fracking sites, she confronts fouled wells, puzzling illnesses, and cyber-espionage. The community splits into two camps, each with high stakes: jobs that feed families and millions in investments versus clean water and good health for the community.

Lots of “gut wrenching” moments in this one; and characters you truly care about… and some pretty nasty ones, too! Check it out. And for more on the author, visit:

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